Being a tourist destination there are many hotels available in Aurangabad, right from budget hotels to 5 stars. VITS Aurangabad is a nice place to stay and food is good too. It is just 5 min distance from Railway station. Though a major tourist destination/attraction Aurangabad seems to be way behind Pune. You can say it is what Pune use to be 15-20 years back. Good Food is something you really would need to hunt around the place. There is one Swad Restaurant which i found on the net, basically famous for Gujarati thali. Good Non-Veg you get in the old city / Osmanpura area. But, there are no fancy restaurants, something like Radio/Bismillah in Pune whre you get good non-veg but cant go with family. Other thing famous is a shop that serves 100's of kinds of pan's. If you are a pan lovers, don't miss this place. Even Raj Thackrey eats pan from here. The rate goes from humble Rs. 15 to Rs. 3000. Don't be shocked, Rs 3000 pan has pure gold work on it ;-) Had opportunity to try few of them.

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